Introduction to PSYCH 100 Exam 2

PSYCH 100 Exam 2

PSYCH 100 is a 3-credit General Studies course that introduces the principles of psychology. This survey course also helps students better understand human behavior and relate it to broader social issues.

Your grade is calculated from quizzes and three timed, non-proctored exams. You will be tested on the information you learn from reading the Myers in Modules eText and by completing its learning exercises (Tutorials, Activities, or Animations).

Exam 1

Since this is a survey course and there is A LOT of information in this class, your professor has created Exam Study Sheets to help you make studying for exams easier. These documents list all the important concepts/terms that will be covered in your quizzes and exams. They also provide you with all the correct and incorrect multiple-choice options for each term (as applicable).

Your instructor has selected a module based etext that breaks longer chapters into shorter learning modules. These learning modules include interactive learning exercises: Tutorials, Activities, or Animations. You will not be tested on information from websites outside the eText.

Psychology is a scientific field that studies behavior and mental processes. It emerged from two fields: physiology and philosophy. Physiology studies the human body and its functions, while philosophy considers human thoughts and feelings. Wilhem Wundt, the founder of psychology, brought science to this field by separating it from philosophy through structuralism.

Exam 2

PSYCH 100 is an introductory psychology course that introduces principles of human behavior. This course is designed to support students interested in more advanced psychology courses and also those who choose other academic pursuits. The course provides an understanding of psychology as a science and relates information to broader social issues studied by other disciplines.

Each unit begins with a commentary written by your course author that is designed to clarify potentially confusing information and connect the material to daily life. This is important because your course exams will test you on information included in the commentary.

Your eText breaks longer chapters into learning modules that include interactive learning exercises. These learning exercise help you practice the concepts and terms that will be on your exam. It is important to complete these learning exercises as well as reading the eText for your course. You may not discuss the content of this course with anyone outside of your course and you must maintain academic integrity in all aspects of your participation in this class. Violating this policy will result in a failing grade for the course.

Exam 3

Behavioral Psychology focuses on the study of human behavior, including emotions and motivations, as well as learning and memory. Behavioral psychologists use scientific methods to test theories about human behavior and develop interventions designed to improve it.

For example, people who are told that they will be given shocks in a lab may experience high levels of anxiety, while those who are told the shocks will not cause pain have lower anxiety levels. This kind of experimental testing is important because it allows researchers to compare different groups of people and identify which ones respond better to certain treatments.

Psych 100 is an online course that covers the basic principles of human behavior. It is a general studies course that serves as a prerequisite for many majors and minors at Penn State. Those who plan to major or minor in a psychological field should work hard to earn a C or higher in this class.

Final Exam

PSYCH 100 is an introductory course that provides students with an understanding of the basic principles of psychology and their applications. It is a required course for many majors. Students should strive to earn a C or higher in this course in order to meet the requirements of their major and/or other academic pursuits.

All final exams must be taken in person. In-person finals are conducted in the classroom where your class meets unless you have requested that the exam be held elsewhere.

The last week of classes is designated as Prep Week and no exam that accounts for more than 20% of your grade may be given during this period, except makeup exams in multi-section courses and tests in self-paced courses. In addition, alternative means of evaluation (term papers, final projects, etc) should be due during this time if the instructor has set that as a course policy. Students will be provided with a personalized exam schedule in LionPATH approximately the fifth week of the semester.

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